Survey Offers

Affiliates can take additional (survey) Offers in their back office! Offers are provided by 3rd party companies & offer our Affiliates additional options for increased earnings.

(In your REPORTS, these Tapestri+ Surveys & Offers will be displayed as Survey Rewards.)

Surveys > Start > Offers


Affiliates can complete these offers via the WEB (on a laptop/desktop) or DEVICE (Android/iOS/Tablet). 

Web Offer - example

Offer - Web exampleClick the link > a new tab will open. Follow instructions for each Offer (instructions may vary by Offer). 

Offer - Web example continued

Device Offer: select one or more options > save

Offers - Device

Device - example

Offer - Device availability

Offer - Device exampleScan the QR Code from the Offer, or click the link provided:

Offer - Device example continued