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iOS: App Set Up Instructions

iOS app permissions


  1. Download Tapestri
  2. Allow App Tracking Transparency (ATT
    NOTE: For the app to work and for you to earn, this setting must be allowed. 


3. Click; Activate Your Account.

4. Enter email, create a password & click Sing Up (leave promo code blank)


5. Change location permissions from "While using app" to "Always Allow"

NOTE: Changing to Always Allow increases earnings & ensures the app works. 

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Your app account is set up! Check-in at public places, earn badges and explore while earning on the go.

Check/Set iOS Location Permissions

Tap 1.5 app screens (19)

Phone Settings > Privacy > Location Services: On > Tapestri: Always


How To Enable ATT (App Tracking Transparency)

Phone Settings > Privacy > Tracking: Allow > Tapestri: On

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