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Play2Earn - earnings & game availability

If you don't see earnings in your Wallet for Play2Earn, or unsure why game options are not updating, start here to see what to do.

Not earning when playing a game(s)?

  • If you have already played a game in the past and then downloaded it from Tapestri, the game will recognize that you have already played it and will not give you any earnings for that usage.
  • Your AD ID isn't displaying in your Tapestri app: Reset AD ID
    • The 3rd-party Game provider requires your advertising ID/device ID to be displayed in the Tapestri app in order to track your usage and the time you spend playing a game.
  • Permissions for Tapestri Play2Earn might not be enabled on your phone: Play2Earn 

Not seeing more available game options?

  • You can Reset AD ID
  • You already have lots of games downloaded on your phone, so it may take a little bit for games to become available via Tapestri.