Tapestri Safe Browsing: search the web and earn with Browse2Earn on Android, available globally!

Tapestri Safe Browsing: Tapestri provides you with a safe browsing experience and anti-malware protection. 

Provide Accessibility permission: to enable Tapestri to block unwanted malicious sites and provide you with safe browsing you need to enable accessibility permission. By doing so, you enable us to scan the URLs you visit and block suspicious websites so you will be able to safely browse the web. 

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Enabling Tapestri Safe Browsing on Android

  • Settings >Accessibility > Installed Apps > Tapestri Safe Browser > toggle ON
  • Every two to four times you open the app, you’ll be prompted to enable it again.   
What is Tapestri Safe Browsing?
  • Tapestri Safe Browsing is an attempt to enable consumers to browse the web and earn all the while blocking malicious websites. 
  • You can use Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or whatever you would like, as long as it’s available on your Android device. 
How do you earn with Tapestri Safe Browsing?
  • Tapestri is looking for a minimum of 50 search queries on your browser of choice and you begin earning passively, reported as Browse2Earn in your app Wallet.
  • Earnings are reported on a monthly basis
  • 50+ searches (sessions) over the course of a month qualify you to receive an equal share in the monthly pool of revenue that's available for Browse2Earn.
  • AFFILAITES: receive a 15% bonus on referred 1st and 2nd Tier Users Browse2Earn earnings.

Tapestri Safe Browsing - enable

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