Earn more with Drive2Earn on Android & iOS! Available in USA.

“Drive2Earn is a passive opt-in experience that allows consumers to earn more. It might even save them money on car insurance.” ~ Walter Harrison

🎥 Watch: Drive2Earn Set Up Video


    • Expanded earning potential through partnership
      • Tapestri has partnered with Allstate to expand earning potential for consumers in the U.S. 
  • New app permission: Motion Fitness (Physical Activity)
    • This is needed specifically for Drive2Earn to understand the start and stop of your car. 
      • You have to enable this permission and opt-in to Drive2Earn, then you’re good to go! 
  • Drive2Earn tab - Score, Drives, Vehicles (more info coming soon)
  • How you earn, as a Tapestri User and/or Affiliate
    • Enable Drive2Earn
    • You’re earning a percentage of the advertising revenue you see and click in the app.
    • Earn a bonus when/If you buy an insurance policy through an Ad in the Tapestri app
    • It takes up to 60 days before initial earnings are posted to the "Pending" balance in your wallet. As long as you stay opted-in, earnings will post to the Pending balance around the 25th of the month.
  • Tapestri App > Menu > Settings
    • You can now toggle on/off Tapestri notifications within the app. 
    • If you choose to opt-out of Drive2Earn, you can toggle off via Menu > Settings. 
      • Toggling off Drive2Earn prompts the opt-out to Allstate and Tapestri.
      • This removes your device Drive2Earn information from Tapestri’s system, and removes your Drive2Earn earnings & trips.
      • If you’d want to opt-in again to earn, you’ll need to reset your AD ID


Drive2Earn - enable Physical Activity-1


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