All things Refer2Earn from invite to payout.

Refer2Earn: Referral bonuses are added to the payout balance around the 15th.  

To earn a referral bonus your referral must set location permissions to "always allow" so the app remains active for 30 consecutive days. 30 days after your referral's app has been Set2Earn* a one-time referral bonus is added to the wallet Payout balance when it is verified.

EX: You send an app invite on July 17th, your referral creates an app account and activates the app by setting location permissions to "Always Allow" (Set2Earn) on July 18th. The app remains active through the 17th of August (30 days). Your referral bonus is verified added to your Payout balance around the 15th of September.

Payday is on the last day of the month and your payout balance accrues until the minimum payout threshold of $65+ in GEO's 1 & 2 or $0.60+ in GEO 3 is met.

How to refer Tapestri


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