Set2Eearn: Enable the app to earn FOR you and check-in to earn more.

Set2Earn refers to mobile location earnings and requires you to ALLOW location permissions in your phone settings. To maximize app earnings set location permissions to "always allow" and Check-in while out at public places. 

Phone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Tapestri: Always/Allow All The Time

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Check Android Permissions: "allow all the time"

Check iPhone Permissions: "always allow"

Pro Tips:

  1. Check Tapestri iOS/Android app permissions and ATT settings after every phone update, when airplane mode is turned on/off, etc. If any change in permissions cause the app to be inactive for 7 consecutive days during a 30-day period, earnings will be lost.
  2. Check-in: The check-in feature allows app users to earn for checking in at public places. click here to learn more.
  3. Turn notifications on to earn for every Tap2Earn ad opened.

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